Austin Dennison, Delores


For every stupid story about teenagers peeing all over the hallways of their high school, there is a sweet story like this one, and we still have hope for the youth of America.

Austin Dennison from Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio took someone very special to his prom, and that special person was his 89-year-old great-grandmother Delores.

We'll pause for a moment so you can let out an "Aww!"

So, Delores never went to her prom when she attended school in West Virginia, so Austin decided that he would bring her to his prom so she could have the special night she missed out on all those years ago. Delores recently had a heart attack and a stroke, but she promised Austin that if she could make it to his prom, she would be on his arm.

And by the time his prom night rolled around, Delores had recovered and was ready to go. Austin bought her a pearl necklace for the occasion (Aww, again!) and made sure the DJ played Frank Sinatra's "I Love the Kisses of Delores" for them, which is a song Austin's great-grandfather used to sing to her.

That makes three "Awww!" moments in one story. We might be setting a record here!

Apparently, Delores was so popular at prom that she was constantly being asked to dance by other students. And to her credit, she rocked prom night until 9 p.m., which she said was past her usual bedtime.

Rock on, Delores. Best prom date ever! 

You can watch video of Austin and Delores prom night below:

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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