Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga

Premiere Magazine, All Access Photo / Splash News

This Robert Pattinson magazine cover is concerning for so many reasons.

First, is the Water for Elephants star imitating a clown after a bar fight or Lady Gaga's infamous face paint from the ARTPOP album? If the answer is Gaga, then what inspired him to copy her crazy in such a scary way? And finally, is celebrity face paint going to turn into a legitimate thing?! Because if "Edward" is doing it, then we can only assume every teenager around the world will follow.

We can barely focus on the floral and graphic sweatshirt RPattz is wearing with this monster-like makeup, for obvious reasons, but even that is oddly dark and scary.

Unbelievable as this may be, the G.U.Y. singer may be the less insane celebrity in this odd matchup. Yes, her face paint looks like it belongs on the wall at the Museum of Modern Art, but at least it isn't smudged and the colors are cheerful. The Twilight star looks absolutely terrifying, and the look on his face makes it clear he agrees!

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