American Idol, Top 5

Michael Becker/Fox

Did anyone see that twist coming?

We're getting down to the wire, so the powers-that-be at American Idol decided to throw our contestants a slight curveball. Host Ryan Seacrest revealed that the five remaining singers could choose to either send home the person with the lowest number of votes, (as per usual,) or go with the "game-changing" second option.

The Idols could forgo sending anyone home tonight, but then two contestants would be eliminated in next week's episode. However, no matter what they decided, the vote had to be a unanimous call. Honestly, this twist was pretty much pointless but at least the Idol execs are trying to shake things up a little this year.  

The remaining five contestants decided, and they chose not to partake in this latest shake-up, meaning the person with the lowest votes was to be sent packing. So who left the Idol stage tonight?

Say goodbye to… Sam Woolf! (What?!)

The teenage heartthrob was eliminated and now millions of girls everywhere are going to cry themselves to sleep tonight. Sam received a standing ovation from all three judges tonight after his farewell song, "It's Time."

Do you think Sam deserved to be eliminated? Who do you think will be the next winner of American Idol? Sing your thoughts in the comments below!

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