When you gotta go, you gotta go.

That was obviously Bob Costas' motto on Tuesday night when the veteran sportscaster was forced to answer nature's call...in the middle of a baseball game! (And yes, we're totally assuming it was No. 1.)

That's right. While covering the New York Yankees-Seattle Mariners matchup for the MLB Network, Costas asked his broadcasting partner John Smoltz, "How are your play-by-play skills?"

"They're not bad," Smoltz replied.

"Good. Take over for a while," Costas said, before quickly bolting out of the broadcast booth mid-inning.

Shortly thereafter, Costas returned, and apparently felt the need to share with both Smoltz and viewers exactly where he had gone.

"You know, this is an age of candor," Costas said. "Between innings, I headed to the men's room. Nothing but broadcasters. Three Yankee broadcasters, three Mariner broadcasters.

"All queued up. All queued up between innings. What's a guy to do?"

Now that's a play-by-play we could have done without, Bob.

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