Kevin Spacey, Richard III

AP Photo/Dimitri Messinis

Kevin Spacey is the king of the world!

At least he was when he starred in the Sam Mendes-directed stage production of Richard III. Spacey, along with 20 British and American actors, performed the Shakespeare play 200 times over a 10-month international tour.

"It was physically challenging and emotionally draining at times," Spacey told me the other day at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. "But I think what made it so energizing is just the fact that we were in a different theater like every f--king couple of days. It was a massive undertaking, but I think what kept it alive for all of us was suddenly we were in new cities, new cultures and in new theaters."

A new documentary, NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage (in theaters and at on Friday), chronicles the tour.

"For those of us who are theater rats, the big difference I guess is that theater is an actors medium and film is not," said Spacey, who has been the artistic director of the Old Vic in London for 11 seasons. "In theater, I can be better. In film, I can't because no matter how good I am in a movie, I'll never be any better. It's frozen in time. In theater, I can be better."

House of Cards


House of Cards happened to be partially inspired by the ruthless Richard III.

So just how much more evil and power hungry will the king Frank Underwood become in season three? "Pope?" Spacey said with a little laugh. "The presidency is one thing, but how about Pope Francis?"

Spacey said both the show's writer-producer Beau Willimon and producer David Fincher have a "desire to see just how dark that well is and how deep does it go. We have miles to go before we sleep."

Kevin Spacey, Oscars

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Things were decidely a lot lighter this weekend at the International Indian Films Awards in Florida when Spacey danced on stage during the annual gala.

Spacey and Indian actor Shahdid Kapoor and actress Deepika Padukone wrapped themselves in traditional clothing before doing a synchronized Bollywood number.

"That was fun," Spacey said. "I was delighted to be able to accommodate them. They said they wanted to teach me the dance and I said, 'Sure.'"

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