Bill Cosby

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Bill Cosby is still crafting his return to the small screen, but there's one thing you can expect it not to be: Edgy.

"First of all, I'm 76 and 9/12 years old. So that will be different," Cosby told E! News at the American Comedy Awards. "And I'm going to have a different wife. And it's not going to be something where, you know, hard-biting and edgy stuff. It's what people are asking for. People I meet in the airports, they want things about life that makes them laugh about themselves. There's kindness and sharing and it makes you feel good, but it's not goody-goody. I think we can get to the people with it."

Cosby was honored with the Johnny Carson Award at the 2014 American Comedy Awards. His return to TV isn't official set at the moment, but the script order is in place at NBC. News first broke about Cosby's project with Tom Werner, one of the producers on The Cosby Show, in January.

Cosby previously starred in The Cosby Show for eight seasons on NBC. The final episode aired April 30, 1992. Following that series, Cosby starred in CBS's Cosby from 1996-2000. He co-starred opposite Phylicia Rashad in both shows, but she will not be back for his return to TV.

"It's a new world. Your agent just doesn't say, ‘Well, I got Cosby,'" he told us of his new project. "'Get the stage, put the thing—‘and it didn't' happen that way for everybody. You have to get a script, they have to look at it and then they have to see if they agree. It's a lot of people making the decision on failure."

The fate of Cosby's return to TV could be decided in May when NBC announces its new programming.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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