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In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on a new love interest Vampire Diaries fans will be meeting towards the end of the season, Hannah's next professional move on Girls and why you might want to start brushing up on your chess skills before the Teen Wolf finale.

Plus, we've got info on the final seasons of Boardwalk Empire and True Blood, as well as The Blacklist's return and more...

Mark: Got anything on the final season of True Blood?
Arlene is going to have a suitor…with  fangs! Keith, a rock ‘n' roll loving vampire who is the drummer in Nathan's band, will develop quite the crush on everyone's favorite redhead in Bon Temps.

Lauren K.: Loving Enzo so I'll take any more info on his new love interest on The Vampire Diaries!
As we exclusively reported, Heather Hemmens will take on the role of Enzo's long lost love, who he met in 1953. What we can tell you about her? She's a kind, warm and engaging medical student, with a compassionate soul and a lot of courage, which will be tested when her feelings for Enzo lead her down a dangerous situations. As for Luke, the new Whitmore student played by Chris Brochu, expect him to have some unexpected insight into what the war between the witches and travelers will mean for the doppelgangers.

Carrie: Teen Wolf is insane this season! I'm almost nervous for the finale!
PWe suggest you start preparing yourselves for one epic mindgame, based on what Jeff Davis tells us of "The Divine Move," the finale. So what does it mean? "People in the know will understand that it refers to a move in the game of Go, which is the Japanese version of Chess, basically," he explains. "It's a Go game. Go is a very Asian game. It's Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It's a very difficult game to learn and compete in."

Ryan Eggold, The Blacklist

Michael Parmelee/NBC

Jacqui:  This season of Girls is definitely my favorite so far. What's coming up next for Hannah?
While she may be pulling away from her friends after the infamous beach house fight, she's fully engaging in a new group at GQ. "She's starting to become part of the team, so engages with her GQ job," Amir Arison previews, adding that his character Kevin, who told Hannah he just hates her face, may have a change of heart. "Kevin is not the total enemy…he's her frenemy, there is a friend part of that."

Liam: Is it bad that I want the Olympics to end so I can have The Blacklist back in my life? What can you tease?
Arison also appears on The Blacklist (he's a very busy man!), and was quick freak out out over a script he just read for an upcoming episode. "Wait ‘til you see the one I just read! Oh my gosh!" he gushes. "The episode I just read, a lot of interesting Tom stuff."

Debby: I have been voting non-stop to save BATB in Save One Show! I deserve a reward, right?
Of course you do, though you may not like what we have to share: expect to see Catherine do something she doesn't exactly want to in order to save Vincent from the FBI. Yes, it seems like Vincent will be in quite the predicament in episode 18.

John S.: Boardwalk Empire is the best show on TV and I can't believe it's ending! What will we see in the final season?
A flashback to a young Nucky! We'll see the gangster when he was a pre-teen and learn that he didn't exactly grow up in a warm and loving home. Of course, we'll also get to see that he had his street smarts even at a young age.

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