There might be a reason we haven't heard The Bachelor Juan Pablo shouting from the rooftops how he's head-over-heels in love.

A source connected to The Bachelor tells us:

"He really likes the woman he chooses at the end."

Likes. Not Loves. Hmm.

Sorry to go all middle school here, but we are guessing from the way it was said, "really likes" does not mean "blissfully engaged and considering a wedding any day now."

Which might be why Juan Pabs responded this way when we asked if he's planning a TV wedding:  "That's something you have to think about. Because I like a big wedding, very Latin wedding. I work in the music industry and have a lot of friends so…I don't know."

And aside from his ocean-swim shenanigans—for the record, Clare insists "Nothing happened in the ocean!"—we are also told that Juan Pablo "is not really the impulsive type" when it comes to weighty decisions, which sure doesn't sound like someone who'd put a ring on it after knowing someone for a few weeks.

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As Juan himself pointed out in our recent interview, he never married his girlfriend Carla Rodriguez, who is his daughter's mother, and with whom he is still close.

So…time to take bets. Do you think Juan Pablo will put a ring on it in the finale? And whom will he choose?

Sound off in the comments!

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