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We hope you have on your comfy day pants, TV lovers.

Why? Because we're about to stuff you with some much TV scoop that you'll have to unbutton your pants. (Sorry. And ew.) In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on Nashville's burgeoning new romance that Rayna will probably not be rooting for, the Diggle episode Arrow fans will not want to miss and a traumatic flashback coming up on Revenge.

Plus, we've got scoop on The Blacklist, The Originals and more...

Omar: I need some Walking Dead scoop!
How about some Walking Dead spin-off scoop? We just got off the phone with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and she tells us that the upcoming drama is still a ways away from appearing on our small screens. "It's still in the very early stages because we've been focusing so much on The Walking Dead 1.0," she says. "We just finished mixing the last episode of the season on Friday so that's been taking all of our focus, as it should." Not to worry, TWD fans! A zombie-filled spinoff is still definitely on its way.

Eamonn: I'm going to need Arrow to stop teasing the Suicide Squad already and actually give me what I want!
Your wish is Arrow's command! Episode 16 is called "Suicide Squad" and will be about, you guessed it, the Suicide Squad when Lyla recruits Diggle to work with the group, including Deadshot. This should end well. Oh, and the episode will feature Diggle-centric flashbacks to his time in Afghanistan, which will include Ted Gaynor.

Dana: Revenge scoop please!
In addition to getting flashbacks to give us insight into the love triangle we'll see between Conrad, Victoria and Pascal (Ooh la la!), we'll also be treated to a look into Aiden's past when we meet him at 12 years-old, witnessing a traumatic event aka we'll learn why he's so brooding.

Chloe: Love Ressler on The Blacklist, so I'm hoping you can tell me there's good stuff coming up for him?
If more insight into his past, including meeting an old best friend of is counts as good stuff, than yes, we can tell you that. But you might want to stock up on tissues. And that's all we're going to say. For now.

The Originals, Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis

Blake Tyers/The CW

Thomas L.: Just when I was starting to like Father Kieran on The Originals he might die! Please tell me there's hope for him.
Well, you'll definitely see the poor guy suffer. A lot. "It's not pretty. We saw what happened to Sean in the past, his nephew," Julie Plec previews. "It's definitely not going to be an easy thing to overcome, you know, hexes and dark objects and all that witchy business – sometimes you wonder what's reversible and what isn't, so we'll have to wait and see on that one." Yikes.

Emily W.: Any Parenthood spoilers to share?
Cover your ears ‘cause there's probably going to be a whole lot of teenage girls squealing on the NBC drama soon as a new band will be introduced: Four-D. Hm…sound familiar? It should as this boy band totally reeks of One Direction and happen to be big Ashes of Rome fans.

Bea P.: Loving Nashville this season. What's coming up?
Maddie is getting a new friend…and potential love interest! Though we're not sure how her mother will react when she finds out her daughter is bonding with Colt, her boyfriend Luke's son who also happens to be musically inclined.

Haverly: It'd be great if you actually gave us Mike & Molly fans some info for once!
Mama is coming to town! Carl's mother, to be more specific. The CBS sitcom will introduce the potentially recurring character in episode 17, and while she's a good person, she's had a troubled past.

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