Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charlotte, Rocky


As a working mother of two, Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't get much time to herself. In the November issue of More, the actress revealed that she joined a mommy support group to help find balance. "If I have extra time, I want to be with my kids. I still have that mom guilt," the Crazy Ones star admitted. "I haven't had a facial since my first child was born."

Luckily, she's got plenty of help in the form of Freddie Prinze Jr., her husband of 11 years. Asked what makes their marriage work, she replied, "A separate life. I always say I'm Sarah Michelle Gellar when I work and Sarah Prinze in the other life. I don't know if there is a secret—if I had a secret, I'd write a book and retire. But we talk. We check in."

The 36-year-old TV star also said she's "goofier" than she used to be. When a bomb scare briefly interrupted her magazine interview, for example, Gellar shrugged it off. "I was like, ‘Let's go have Bloody Marys!' I would never have said that—even when I was 22."

Speaking of her younger years, Gellar told the magazine she doesn't miss the pace of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days. "It was a cultural phenomenon, but the hours were insane," she recalled. "I could barely make it home to bed."

Things are different now that she's mom to daughter Charlotte, 4, and son Rocky, 1. Gellar makes motherhood her priority, coming into work later and leaving set earlier than ever before. "In the [Crazy Ones] pilot, I'm in every scene but one, yet I was either with my kids in the morning or there to put them to bed every night we shot," she told More, which its stands Oct. 22.

Sounds like SMG has it all figured out!

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