It's official: Sandra Bullock is super mom (at least in her son's eyes).

The super busy and talented actress and mother stopped to chat with E! News during the premiere of her space thriller flick Gravity at the Toronto International Film Festival and revealed that her baby boy Louis, who witnessed the star filming the movie, now thinks of her as a superhero.

"He's got an astronaut doll and he says, 'Like you' but he has no idea why I was an astronaut cause it was like two years ago," she tells E! News. "He just thinks of me as a superhero."

But even this superhero has her moments, and told us that during filming, the only thing that would help keep her going was seeing her cute tot's face—awww!

"When they knew I was starting to crack, they were like, 'Bring in the kid. Bring in the kid, cause she needs a kid.' And all they would do is just pop him up because I was about nine feet up and you just see the little head come up and I was like [fake sob]."

The Alfonso Cuarón movie finds the Hollywood actress and her costar George Clooney playing astronauts who become stranded in the blackness of space after a satellite crashes into their shuttle during a space walk.

Gravity hits theaters Oct. 4.

—Reporting by Alicia Quarles

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