Lake Bell Naked for New York Magazine Cover—See the Pic!

Actress bares all wearing nothing but body paint for mag's Fall Fashion issue

By Bruna Nessif Aug 11, 2013 9:40 PMTags

When it comes to fashion, Lake Bell proves that less is more.

The newly married actress bared all after posing nude for the Fall Fashion issue of New York Magazine (on sale Monday), with nothing but a large, gray rose—and strategic hand placement—covering all of her lady parts.

The large (and fake) tattoo covering Bell's body was designed by none other than her new hubby, and tattoo artist, Scott Campbell.

Joe Schildhorn/Sipa Press

The 34-year-old is currently promoting her film In A World, which she wrote, directed, produced and stars in.

In a World, now in theaters, is an interesting look at the competitive world of movie-trailer voice-overs, specifically targeting women. Additionally, the star draws attention to females who use a "sexy baby voice."

"The vocal trend that is infecting the female youth in this fine nation is the sexy baby vocal virus. [It's] a huge problem for a myriad of reasons, one that sexy? Because...I think [what] is intended is this submissive 'I'm-a-12-year-old-and-you-can-tell-me-what-to-do' [thing], which I think is pretty weird for that to be considered sexually enticing," she told NPR's Terry Gross.

"[The sexy baby vocal virus] originate[d] and then festered from reality television, in some respects...I would love to talk to some of the ladies who are on reality-television shows. I have a fantasy of helping them find their true voice."

Bell was already honored with the prestigious U.S. Dramatic Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for the film at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

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