Breaking Amish Los Angeles Cast

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Breaking Amish is breaking into show business.

The new season of Breaking Amish (premiering Sunday, June 21, on TLC) will chronicle the lives of a new group of Amish and Mennonite young adults as they venture into the modern world of Los Angeles.

Meet the cast who will be facing the city of Angels:

Betsy, 21, Ohio: Adopted into an Amish house when she was a baby, Betsy recently wed another Amish man, but struggles with finding her place within the community.

Iva, 19, Pennsylvania:
The youngest member of the cast, Iva is still dealing with the aftermath of her father leaving her family when she was younger. She has left home before, but has yet to carve out a life for herself outside of the community.

Devon, 21, Indiana: Devon, who has long been conflicted about his faith, is headed to Los Angeles to find out who he really is outside of his Amish lifestyle.

Lizzie, 21, Pennsylvania: Unable to fit in with the "English," Lizzie is desperate to find her own path. And unbeknownst to her family, she is harboring a secret.

Matt , 24, Pennsylvania: The oldest castmember, the Mennonite will follow in the footsteps of two of his siblings and leave his community behind. Matt's passion? Fashion design.

Watch the trailer for Breaking Amish: Los Angeles below.

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