Is this the end of The Wolverine

The latest trailer for the highly anticipated blockbuster delves deeper into the Wolverine's (Hugh Jackman) dilemna with his own immortality...and his lady troubles. 

The trailer begins with an atomic blast and shows Jackson saving a Japanese soldier, who, decades later, becomes the head of a corporate empire and wants to thank the superhero for saving his life by making him mortal. 

"You're ability to heal can be passed to another. Allow someone else to shoulder your burden," he tells the immortal Logan. "Trust me, you don't want what I've got," Jackson responds.

Enter the gorgeous snake-tongued villian (Svetlana Khodchenkova), described as—"A chemist. A capitalist. A viper"—who can weaken the Wolverine's flesh and clearly creates some trouble for the Adamantium clawed character after stripping him of his immortality. 

"I saw you die," Yukio (Rita Fukushima) predicts. 

Will her premonition come to fruition? 

We'll have to wait until The Wolverine hits theaters July 26. 

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