Paris Jackson's Cousin Tanay: Not Everyone in a Big Family Can Get Along

Singer weighs in on where she thinks Michael Jackson's daughter should live when she's released from hospital

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 13, 2013 10:06 PMTags

As Paris Jackson recovers from her alleged pill overdose on June 5, sources tell E! News she has the support of her whole family, including cousin Tanay Jackson.

Tanay, whose father is Tito Jackson and older brother is Paris, Blanket and Prince's coguardian T.J. Jackson, spoke with E! News exclusively about how her 15-year-old cousin is expected to move forward.

The singer, whose music is featured on her new YouTube music page, 7Tanay7, said it was clear from Paris' alleged actions that she was unhappy and the situation was serious. And while Tanay didn't want to get too wrapped up in the family drama, she did feel that her brother T.J. would definitely be concerned about Paris' recent situation. 

She also admitted that the Jackson side of the family could be tough, but urged Paris to do what is it that makes her happy. If that means living with biological mother Debbie Rowe, Tanay thinks that's what Paris should do.

As for Paris' relationship with her brothers? While Tanay admitted that in a big family, not everyone can always get along, she thinks Paris and Prince have unconditional sibling love. As for any reports about a rift between Paris and Prince over her relationship with Debbie? Tanay thinks that whatever they're going through should stay between them and them alone.

Tanay was also troubled by Paris' transfer from Children's Hospital in Calabasas to UCLA Medical Center, where Michael Jackson died in 2009. She explained that were she in her cousin's situation, that would be too much to go through during a difficult time.

—Reporting by Vanessa McDonald

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