Explosions, high energy, near-death experiences—Brad Pitt is all about that life (on the big screen, that is).

The hunky actor dished to E! News during the London premiere of his latest movie, World War Z, that when it comes to shooting action films, "I kinda like it, I gotta say, I kinda like it."

He continued, "It's something different, it's something fun, it's big. It's scary and you get these beautiful reactions from the crowd. So it's great fun."

But there is one thing that wasn't very pleasant when it came to shooting this high-performance flick—the amount of stink it whipped up.

Although Pitt tells us he "did not get hurt" physically while making the movie (thank goodness), he, and many others on set, got slapped in the face with some undesirable smells.

"You don't always smell so nice with a thousand extras—me included, by the way—but it's good fun. Really good fun," he tells us.

That's the scent of hard work, people.

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