Katie Holmes Borrows Her Grandma's Bottega Veneta Dress for the Dead Accounts Opening Night Party in NYC

Didn't know they made pirate flag dickies, now, did you? You're welcome.

By Leslie Gornstein Nov 30, 2012 6:28 PMTags
Katie HolmesAndrew H. Walker/Getty Images

We know, we know. Right now you're screaming, "Where can I get that dress on Katie Holmes? The one with with the pirate flag dickie and the floral pattern last seen on the cook from Downton Abbey?"

Lucky for you we have the info right here: Bottega Veneta. Thank you, Ms. Holmes, for bringing this dress into the public eye. Otherwise we'd have no idea that you can turn the plastic tracks from a model train set into a belt.

And just in case you think that we're haters who don't understand why a 33-year-old woman needs to dress like a maiden aunt living in Helena Bonham Carter's attic, we will say this: We love the hair.

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