Star Wars, Damon Lindelof

LucasFilms; ABC/Craig Sjodin

Damon Lindelof is wigging out on Wookies!

Since news broke Tuesday that Disney was snapping up Lucasfilm and is planning to release a new Star Wars trilogy, Lindelof—whose sci-fi writing/producing credits include Star Trek, Prometheus and Lost—has been on a crazy-prolific Twitter tear, firing off one zinger after another as he offers up goofy story ideas and bon mots about Darth Vader's new corporate emperor.

"Chewbacca's great-great grandson is named Drewbacca and he must overcome his allergies to lasers and meat," Lindelof cracked about one gonzo scenario, adding the hashtag "#IdeasForEpisodeVII."

He didn't stop there, next pointing his verbal lightsaber at a pair of Jedi masters.

"Yoda's Ghost gets annoyed by Obi-Wan's Ghost (too much whining) and they fight with Ghostsabers. #IdeasForEpisodeVII," he offered up.

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Even new studio parent Disney isn't spared from Lindelof's quips. On Halloween, he sniped: "My Halloween Costume: Disney Lawyer. AND I WIlL SUBPEONA EVERY KID IN A STAR WARS COSTUME I SEE TONIGHT!!!"

Sounds like someone's been turned to the corporate Dark Side!

The filmmaker's cheeky tirade comes amid rampant and unfounded speculation that both he and Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol helmer Brad Bird have been tapped as the writing-directing team for Star Wars 7.

Lindelof himself hasn't shied away from tackling talk on that, tweeting, "My twitter feed: 38% : 'You should write the new Star Wars!' 47% : 'Don't f--king touch the new Star Wars!' 15% : Undecided."

But he also dryly tempered any fanboy hysteria about the rumor mill, writing, "If I ever need a suicide note, I'll just print out this comments section," and then linking to a post in Ain't It Cool News speculating about his involvement in Star Wars 7 and featuring some very lively comments.

Now, need to fear the naysayers, Damon: After all, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

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