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Happy Halloween, TV lovers!

To celebrate the spooktacular holiday, we've compiled a list of juicy treats for you, including what you can expect from American Horror Story's sure-to-be terrifying episode tonight! Plus, we've got scoop on Glee's new love triangle, the big Quinn mystery on Scandal, Bones and more in today's Spoiler Chat...

Maureen: Loving Scandal this season! Any scoop on the big Quinn mystery?
Note: It is super-hard to get scoop out of the juicy drama's stars as they really, really love their jobs, but Katie Lowes was able to give us a few teases about Quinn's upcoming storylines. "Quinn's on a really interesting journey," she says. "She's trying to get to the bottom of why the hell Olivia Pope saved her and why they changed her entire life and her entire identity. Now that we've found out who she is, now it's all about the why and why people did this." Another bonus tease? "Quinn's getting some cojones, if you know what I mean!"

Teddy: Glee spoilers, please….not about Finchel. No offense to fans.
We're sure the Finn and Rachel fans will allow a Glee spoiler not related to their favorite couple. So, let's go to Melissa Benoistto hear about Marley's love life in upcoming episodes. "Right now, she's in the middle of two separate love triangles," she tells us. "She's got some great choices. She meets Ryder, [played by] Blake Jenner, in episode five and there's definitely some chemistry there. But Jake Puckerman…I think Marley has a special place in her heart for him." So does she end up picking one or the other? "There are some love scenes. I've kissed someone. That's all I'll say," Benoist teases.

Claire: Desperate need of a Booth spoiler (from Bones) please. Help a fangirl out :)
We strive to help out fangirls and boys, so you've come to the right place. An upcoming episode will have Booth charging into the world of roller derby to solve a murder, and guess who has to go undercover to infiltrate the dangerous world of girls on skates? It will surely be a bruising episode for everyone, to say the least.

Scare me up some AHS: Asylum for Halloween!
American Horror Story starts out this week's episode with two shocking reveals (literally seconds apart) that have to do with our doomed honeymooners Theresa and Leo. And fittingly enough, a storm hits Briarfcliff, and you won't believe the drama that unfolds, both supernatural and human, when the lights go out.

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Miranda in Phoenix: Where are the Castle spoilers?!
Right here! Episode 11 finds the gang investigating a Girls Gone Wild-type franchise, and one of those girls happens to go wild for a certain member of the team. Calm down, Castle and Beckett shippers, she takes a liking to Esposito. Oh, and did we mention this girl was actually the bodyguard for the victim? Nothing is more attractive than a girl that can kick your ass!

Eva: Happy Endings was perfect last night, so it made me want to email for the first time and ask for some upcoming spoilers. Thanks!
Hello, first time caller. Here's some scoop: Brad does eventually find a new job, but it's not as glamorous as his previous one. He'll actually be working at Chuckles and Hugs—seriously, that's the name, which is a gym for kids. Is this some sort of parallel universe that exists so we can see what would happen if Damon Wayans Jr. stayed on New Girl as Coach? Probably not, but we are going to pretend anyways so we can get moments like this one.

I'm hooked on Real Housewives of Miami after Sunday's slap episode. What's next?
Lucky for you we just talked to the slapee, Joanna Krupa. "Coming up, there is more unfolding of my relationship with my fiancé and where it's going to go. Are we going to make it through or are we going to call it quits? The obstacles aren't over yet, with anyone," she told us. "There will be some happy endings and some falling apart and it's going to be action filled. My sister and I fight, but she's my blood. You're always going to fight and get over it. She's my best friend."

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, John Boone and Taryn Ryder

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