Sean Penn and Kid Rock are letting it all hang out in the name of politics.

The two have teamed up for a rather head-scratching PSA that hopes to bridge the red-and-blue divide but somehow ends up referencing "O-Bummer," tofu, Priuses and...penis size?!

We're not hallucinating this.

In the 10-minute (!) spot, which was posted on Kid Rock's YouTube channel, the two face off in a bar after Penn sees a video of Kid Rock performing at a Mitt Romney event.

"Hope and change?" the rocker asks Penn.

"Four years later, working folks are just hoping to have a little change left over," he adds, slamming "O-Bummer" for his tax policies.

The Oscar winner's handy response? "Tell a lie a thousand times, it becomes the truth."

From there the the video swerves into some truly gonzo zones, flashing clips of Barack Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres as the two men rip into each other for their "Chick-fil-A-eating," "Prius-driving," "gay-marriage fantasizing," "tofu-munching" ways.

Oh, yeah: There are also accusations of communism ("F--kin' suck it, commie," Kid Rock tells Penn) and false patriotism.

An immigrant woman with a Caribbean accident suddenly interrupts their verbal melee, slamming the two as foes "who'd rather fight over whose dick's bigger" rather than appreciate America's many freedoms and civil liberties.

Then, a news report about soldier casualties in Afghanistan brings them to their senses, and the two hug it out as Kid Rock quips, "I don't really know if my dick's bigger or not."

From there, the spot morphs into a music video showing the two as BFFs as they skip around town doing all sorts of do-gooder things.

Their takeaway? "Don't let politics divide us. Thinking differently is what made this country great."

Huh. Well, stranger things have happened this election season. Next thing you know, vice-presidential candidates will be flexing more than just their political muscle. Oh, wait...

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