Christina Hendricks and Her Rack Cover Up for Fall Weather

While in Sydney, the Mad Men actress proves that she's definitely ready for fall in a fitted jacket, black hat and spy shades.

By Leslie Gornstein Oct 01, 2012 7:01 PMTags
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Can we write about Christina Hendricks without talking about her boobs?

We're sure gonna give it our best shot. Here we go: Christina and her girls went undercover today in a fabulous...

Well, we tried.

That said, we ain't mad at this outfit, overcoordinated as it might be. Gotta dig a trench coat that harkens to Katy Perry's fall wardrobe and hunting parties at Downton Abbey at the same time. And bonus points to the Mad Men actress for pairing it with a turtleneck—a weaker type may have felt the need to flash those bosoms just to remind people who she is.

There we go, talking about Christina's rack again. Sorry, babe, for what it's worth we love the sunglasses.

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