Kenzie Dalton, Chad Michael Murray

Steve Granitz/

Okay, so maybe I've been living under a rock, but I had no idea Chad Michael Murray was still engaged to Kenzie Dalton, the 18-year-old cutie who met Chad while she was working as an extra on One Tree Hill. Am I, alone, the only one? Didn't think so!

Anyway, our E! cameras met with Chad at the premiere of Home of the Brave Tuesday night. And since last night's episode of Tree was out of this world (for more on that, check out Korbi's Quickie), I thought I'd celebrate by sharing the lovey-dovey, gushy-wushy exchange that went down when our reporter asked Chad about his bride-to-be.

Who is the lovely lady you showed up with tonight?
That’s my fiancée, actually. Kenzie.

I went to Wilmington, North Carolina, and stole the most beautiful thing I could find in it.

How did you meet? Doing what?
She loves art. She loves different things about film, and she just wanted to see what it was like, so she was cheering on our show for a while. I met her, and she just makes me a better man. That’s all I could ever ask for. She leads by example, which makes me stronger. I’m just surprised.

Did you set a date?
We haven’t. That’s the great thing. We don’t worry about it. She’s going to finish school, finish college, and then we’ll worry about it. We’re just incredibly, intensely happy.

Feel free to post your well wishes for the happy couple below—and, of course, discuss last night's unbelievable episode of One Tree Hill.

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