Rack Report: Kat Dennings and Christina Hendricks Have Us Seeing Double

When two busty actresses meet the same Vivienne Westwood dress, whose cleavage will win for most va-va-voom?

By Leslie Gornstein Jul 31, 2012 8:10 PMTags
Kat Dennings, Christina HendricksJon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Look, before you start writing us a ton of comments calling us a bunch of shallow, misogynistic people with the collective intellect of a Real Housewife, let's get this out of the way: Christina Hendricks can act. She is talented. We hope she gets lots and lots of awards. For her acting.

But now we're going to talk about her cleavage. And Kat Dennings', too. Deal with it.

Hey, man, it was not our idea to inflate the two of them to full volume, pour them into the same Vivienne Westwood dress, cut their tethers and let them loose to float over the L.A. skyline like a pair of living Macy's parade balloons.

As for which actress wore that Westwood better, it's tough to judge accessories and hair when you're this distracted, but we'll make a go of it. The 2 Broke Girls star wore her Westwood in navy with black platform pumps for a promotional appearance in Los Angeles this week.

Hendricks, meanwhile, preferred to add some va to her voom with oodles of diamonds on her wrists and ears, plus a matching clutch. We first saw her in this ensemble in September.

She was on the ground at the time. We're not sure how long she stayed there.


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