Savannah Guthrie

Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

Just one day after Ann Curry's tearful goodbye, Savannah Guthrie sat in the former coanchor's chair next to Matt Lauer at the top of the Today show this morning.

However, the occasion was marked by very little fanfare.

During the show's opening, which usually announces the program's hosts, nobody's names were mentioned.

In fact, despite the presence of Guthrie instead of Curry, it was all very business-as-usual. Guthrie merely opened by saying, "I'm Savannah Guthrie," and then bantered with Lauer while offering up Friday's top stories.

In other words, no official announcement—either on air or off—to support the ongoing rumors that Guthrie is permanently replacing Curry.

Stay tuned!

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