Don't mess with Snooki's bambino!

The Jersey Shore star along with fiancé Jionni, BFF JWoww and Jenni's man Roger all got together for a little birthday celebration during tomorrow night's episode of Snooki & JWoww—don't worry, Snooks had a Shirley Temple—and when Roger started talking smack about her bun in the oven, she gave him a threat that would shut any man up.

"Your kid has zero chance of being a professional basketball player," Roger joked with Jionni. "If your kid's tall, I'll take a paternity test," Roger continued.

"Roger always goes there," Snooki said, "but you know—don't freakin' talk about my baby, I'll f--kin' slice your penis off."


Watch the clip and see Snooks' mommy look (which still includes gigantic platform heels).

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