AMERICA'S GOT TALENT,  Howard Stern, Nick Cannon, Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

One more week till America's Got Talent goes live—these folks better get their, er, acts together.

With the initial auditions behind them, the lucky men, women and children who impressed Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel (or at least two out of the three) converged on Las Vegas in hopes of making the top 48.

They probably thought the hard part was behind them, but, there was much more ridicule to be had on arrival after the wannabe headliners learned they were to be split into categories.

Oh, and not just singer vs. singer...

The remaining hopefuls ended up split into judges' favorites, standbys and...well, there was no other category.

Gone practically before they started were baritone Charlie C, girl group Ivy Rose and Bandz Brothers, none of whom got to make a second impression.

But then the singers, the dancers and the daredevils got to ply their trade, from goth opera belter Andrew De Leon (alas, not as good as he sounded during his audition) to crossbow wielder Ben Blaque (yes, it is a terrifying act, it's not just you).

Sentimental favorite Mary Joyner, daughter of late Olympic gold medalist Florence Griffith-Joyner, did OK, but she paled in comparison to Aussie Nikki Jensen, who rocked the Rolling Stones.

Just when we thought it couldn't get worse, a member of the 787 Crew lost his footing mid-act and flopped. Alas, the neon accents only made the mistake more noticeable.

But aside from the early eliminations, tonight was all about plowing through acts, and we won't get to see who else took the walk of shame until tomorrow.

P.S. Can they just give the million dollars to William Close, the guy who can turn any room into a harp, right now?

Who do you think was on fire tonight, and who disappointed? Sound off in the comments!

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