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Captain Nemo mantis shades? Check.

Cultured mermaid pearls? Check.

Platform flood-survival boots? Check.

Big pink polar bear wrap thing? Roger that.

That, children, is how you do a nautical look when you're Lady Gaga. And you thought her get-up had no practical purpose...

Gaga, aka Miss Stefani Germanotta, wore her top-to-toe military whites during a day off from her Born This Way Ball tour, which is currently docked in Sydney, Australia. It's winter down there, which explains the pink fur. (We have no idea whether it's really polar bear, but, come on. You know the theory has scientific merit.)

The Mother Monster boarded a boat with some friends to take a tour around the city's harbor. Even her blond bouffant was aerodynamically shaped to offset the cruel winds of the southern hemisphere.

Maybe the U.S. Navy ought to take a few wardrobe lessons from this Lady.

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