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What do you get when you put your life "on display, on display, on display"? When you are a housewife from New Jersey, apparently it is more than a serious tan and a hit single on the radio.

Melissa Gorga finally gets her big moment in the spotlight, but as per usual Teresa Guidice steals the show with her drama. Granted, everyone in Franklin Lakes hates her guts, but tonight marks the end of era for this Jersey girl.

Is Teresa going to make it out alive, or is she going to get caught in the trenches?

After the so-called "ambush" by Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo, Teresa immediately calls Kathy Wakile to set up a lunch date. It quickly becomes pretty obvious that this "date" is more like a strategic move to cover Teresa's exposed and vulnerable behind. We're not sure if there's enough leopard print out there to protect her from the impending drama.

Although Kathy sees right through her cousin, she shows her support and says, "Sometimes you need to be alone to see what's really important." Wise words, Kathy.

Meanwhile, Melissa gets ready for her big phone call with Ryan Seacrest to debut her single "On Display" on the radio for the world to hear. Since this is such a huge phone interview, Melissa makes sure she has her makeup on so that she looks good for Ryan. We don't blame her.

Though she thinks that Ryan does not dig her beats, her hubby Joe Gorga decides to throw a party to celebrate the big release. That couple is so classy yet sexy…could they possibly top the whip cream fight at their last bash? Spoiler alert: Yes.

When Teresa arrives to the big party she air-kisses Kathy "hello" and walks right past Jacqueline. That kind of behavior does not sit well with the women of New Jersey. Jacqueline decides to confront her newfound frenemy—definitely a party foul. An all-out screaming match ensues, and Melissa comes to break up the argument.

She should know better than to go near Teresa when she gets mad. Teresa starts rehashing old drama with Melissa, but the next thing you know the in-laws are hugging it out. That Teresa is full of surprises, how could anyone not like her for that?

Did we mention that she confronted her brother at the party to agree to go to therapy? She confesses to the camera, "I hope that the therapist will help him realize that he is the one with the problem, not me." What a good sister.

It's Teresa's world, and if you're not a part of it then you are her enemy.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Can you predict what kind of drama will be "on display, on display" for next week's trip to Napa? Hash it out in the comments below!

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