Everyone wants to know how Jack Osbourne is doing—what is he thinking, how is he feeling, what's his next step?

But the engaged father of a 2-month-old daughter says that fiancée Lisa Stelly is a major part of why he seems to be doing so well after recently learning that he has multiple sclerosis.

"Lisa is incredibly optimistic, just in her nature she is," Osbourne explained on Piers Morgan Tonight Thursday when his mum's former America's Got Talent costar asked how his diagnosis has affected Stelly.

"She's very caring, very nurturing, and she was like, 'Hey, this is not so great news, but let's figure out how to make this a good thing,'" he recalled. "And, you know, the prescribed lifestyle with having MS is minimize stress, exercise regularly, eat right and, you know, get a lot of sleep."

"That is the best kind of recipe to live by for anyone!" Osbourne exclaimed.

Noting that Jack's a fighter, like all the Osbournes, Morgan asked if there are moments when the 26-year-old looks in the mirror and says, "Why me?"

"It's usually at night when I'm injecting myself with a giant needle full of stuff  that's supposed to keep me out of a wheelchair," Osbourne admitted. "I've had a couple moments, where I'm a bit like, "Ugh, so it's this for the rest of my life or until they come up with something better.'"

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