What did we say about judging a book by its cover?

During the Las Vegas auditions on tonight's episode of America's Got Talent, we met 23-year-old Jacob Williams, and at first glance, we were surprised that this nerdy-lookin' fella even had the guts to get onstage in front of millions of people—let alone try to make them laugh.

And we weren't the only ones.

Williams admitted that he was "terrified of talking in front of people...to the point of almost throwing up."

But don't worry, no one blew chunks, and regardless of what we thought of the kid, it turned out that he could actually crack a joke—"I don't know how to fix your computer, I just look like I do."

Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern all gave the 23-year-old a yes to move forward in the competition, and Mandel added, "You're amazing. People are going to remember you. You have a career ahead of you."

We think that helped knock Jacob's fear of public speaking.

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