Missing your weekly fix of Big Brother? Well, ABC may have a solution for you.

Though the Alphabet Network is still in the process of defending itself against CBS' lawsuit demanding that it not air its new reality series, The Glass House, the show premiered as scheduled tonight.

No big shock, considering a judge wasn't likely to pull the plug on it anyway...

But now CBS' goal of tearing down The Glass House is that much more unrealistic.

The show may feature strangers living in a house while they compete for money and face weekly eliminations, but ABC has argued in its rebuttal filings that CBS doesn't own those plot points and is trying to unfairly stifle both competition and creativity.

CBS sued the rival network last month for copyright infringement and misappropriating trade secrets, claiming the new show was a blatant Big Brother rip-off.

Meanwhile, The Glass House got underway tonight with seven men and seven women raring to outsmart each other in hope of making alliances and—in one of the biggest deviations from the Big Brother formula—not alienating the viewers, because fans' votes are what will help determine who gets sent home every week.

The roomies are a diverse crew, ranging from Holly, a 21-year-old retail clerk who enjoys belly dancing, to Ashley, a 30-year-old paralegal, to Mike, a 48-year-old Bar Mitzvah DJ.

So, did you watch The Glass House? If so, what did you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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