Chris Brown, Rihanna

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Dear Ted:
Judging by some of the online comments and polls I've seen since the Drake-Chris Brown incident, not only is Brown's reputation taking another hit but Rihanna's reputation is going downhill faster than fast. Will her continued involvement with Chris Brown mess up her career and reputation as well? There's always another beautiful songbird just waiting for someone to fall off the top of the pile. Love to the pups. Jezebel the wonder pup is trolling for things to chew.

Dear Slice o' Cake:
There's no question that Ri-Ri is raising some eyebrows seeing as she's still rumored-to-be in contact with the ex-BF who also beat her up years ago. But as debatable as Rihanna's choices may be, gal is still the victim in this scenario. My personal opinion is that Rihanna should not have any contact with C.B., but their status isn't going to make or break her career. Need proof? "Birthday Cake Remix" wouldn't be all over the radio.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that there was a Twilight tell-all book in the works a while back. With Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out in November, how long do you think we will have to wait for it? Or, is it still going to happen? Is someone having second thoughts about this book? Would love your opinion on this. Thanks!

Dear Vampy Secrets:
Let's be clear, R, I said a Twilight tell-all would be a brilliant idea in theory and I suggested none other than Nikki Reed do the writing. But I highly doubt Niks would be down to spill her vampy secrets now that she's happily married and over all the Twi-drama. And since Robert Pattinson has made it clear that he just wants to move on, I wouldn't bank on it happening. But, dare I say, that'd be a juicer read than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Dear Ted:  
I couldn't help but notice how often Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton are photographed together these days and are so public suddenly. What's up with that?

Dear Life's a Runway:
What do you mean, C? They've never been an über-private twosome, and methinks the increased sightings just means they're getting more serious. Pretty typical Leo behavior, and besides, is it really that hard to believe the dude just wants to parade his gorgeous GF around? We certainly don't blame him for showing off his latest leggy blond model.

Dear Ted:
I'm curious how Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron became BFF. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.

Two words: Tim Tebow. Kidding! Loads of reasons, H! It could be their mutual affinity for dress-up, their signature girlie styles or their totally sweet 'tudes. Either way, we're big-time fans of this friendship and are itching for the besties to sing about their love for each other in a song. Wouldn't that just be adorable?!  

Dear Ted:
Has anyone suggested Zac Efron for Fifty Shades of Grey? He always plays the nice guy. To see him in such a crazy role would blow my mind. I don't picture him for the role at all. Maybe that's what would make him perfect for it. Unleash it, Zac!

Dear Fifty Shades of Zac:
I've certainly heard the suggestion before, but I must fess, I'm not a fan. You're right in saying Zac always plays the nice guys and I need to see him get a bit more bad (condomgate doesn't count) before I believe he call pull off the raunchy role. Sorry, Liz, but that wholesome Disney image just doesn't go with BDSM.

Dear Ted:  
Is George Clooney going to be a father? Dimples saw pictures of Stacy Keibler from the June 16, on the pier in Italy.

Dear Daddy Duty:
Dimples isn't the only one who peeped those seemingly preggers pics! But I highly doubt Clooney is prepping for daddy duty. Blame it on a bad angle and then let Dimples move on to the next baby bump watch.  

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