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Right about now you may be rubbing your hands together and cackling in anticipation of the bloodbath we're about to visit upon Elton John and his Willy Wonka suit made entirely of children's dreams.

If so, prepare to be mightily disappointed...

That's because we're about to lavish mad praise on this outfit—yes, praise!

Look, if anyone else tried to wear this getup—Adam Lambert, the Joker, use your imagination—we would have laughed and laughed and laughed. But it's Elton John at a fashion show.

He's supposed to dress like a batch of cupcakes baked by Nicki Minaj and iced by a clown troupe at Cirque de Soleil. If he wore anything other than metallic green shoes, a purple suit and lemony glasses that match his exquisitely sour personality, we'd begin to wonder.

But no. All was right in the world as the classic rock god took a front row seat for the Richard James fashion show in London this week. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

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When it comes to Elton John's green shoes, are they a must have or fashion fail?!
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