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Guy meets girl. Guy falls in love with girl. Guy turns into a vampire-werewolf hybrid and his sire tries to steal his girl. Guy loses control of his own body when his sire is transferred into it by a witch. 

No, we're not talking about the plot to an '80s movie (though it does sound awesome); we're quickly recapping the Tyler (Michael Trevino), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) love triangle on The Vampire Diaries.

We chatted with Joseph Morgan at the Monte Carlo TV Festival about what's ahead for the trio in season four after that mind-blowing finale. Plus, was Klaus originally supposed to die—for good—in the finale? Find out...

"I think the intention was to kill me at the end of season three, and yet I live on, so I must be doing something right!" Joseph tells us of Klaus' near-death in the season three finale. "Part of it is I love my job and I talked to the show's creator [Julie Plec]; we talked about what would be the best thing to do. She said, 'I think there are some more stories to tell with this character," and I said, 'I agree, and I would love to have the opportunity to tell them.'"

So what stories are there left to tell? Well, there is that whole body swap with Tyler going on, which should take the love triangle in a very interesting (and creepy) direction in season four. 

"I think it will end in tears, probably Caroline's. I think Klaus will do his best to take advantage of the situation and to get something from it; I wouldn't be surprised if he does," Joseph predicts. "I wouldn't be surprised if the first Klaroline kiss is in Tyler's body, but eventually I think he'll be found out because that has the most dramatic effect, right?"

While Joseph isn't sure what will happen with Klaus and Caroline in the future, he says, "I'd like to explore the relationship further, for sure. I love working with Candice. I think there's a chemistry there. I think it's interesting to show more humanity of Klaus. I think our storyline allows that. "

Since Michael Trevino did such a good job of playing Klaus in the finale, we had to ask Joseph if he's a little nervous that they might kill him off for real next time and just have his costar play the Original hybrid forever. 

"[Laughs.] There's nothing I can do about it!" he says. "I thought when they introduced me in Alaric's (Matt Davis) body that they covered themselves, because they could always get another body for Klaus if I didn't wok out. I think people are too attached to Tyler to just be Klaus forever!"

Still, if the powers that be do decide to go that route (Note to Julie Plec: We like having Joseph on our TV screen, so we'd prefer it if you didn't do that, please and thank you!), Joseph would be OK with Michael taking over Klaus duties.

While Joseph didn't give Michael any pointers on playing Klaus before the finale ("I would never assume to tell another actor how to do his job!" he says), "We've worked together long enough and we hung out enough that he knows what he's doing. I trust him with the role."

To hear more from Joseph, including what else he wants to see for Klaus in season four (he wants to wolf out!), watch our interview with him above!

—Reporting by Lisa Abdolian

Would you like to see Klaus and Caroline get together in season four? How long do you think Klaus will be in Tyler's body for? Sound off in the comments!


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