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Let's get something clear—by reading this you are accepting that there will be spoilers ahead. And not just little spoilers, but two seasons worth of major spoilers. Understood? OK, cool. Carry on. 

26 episodes later and Rosie Larsen's killer is finally revealed. But all those Hallmark cards say it's not the destination, it's the journey. Right? We admit we weren't the some of the critics who needed the killer to be revealed ASAP. We watched all this season. Part of the frustration fun has been the long, rainy moody journey. And basically we are the biggest Holder (Joel Kinnaman) fans to walk the earth. But we digress.

So first things first. Who killed Rosie Larsen? 

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The killer is...Terry!

Big Reveal: After Jaime's (Eric Ladin) dramatic death 15 minutes into the episode, savvy TV watchers knew that it couldn't be over there. And of course it wasn't. A despondent Terry (Jamie Anne Allman), plus a broken taillight and a very observant Linden (Mireille Enos) leads to a sad confession. Terry was out there that night, and in an effort to secure her runaway plan with married Michael Ames (Barclay Hope), she pushed the car into the water. But she didn't know it was her niece begging for help from the trunk. Nice.

The Good: While they aren't always the most competent of detectives, Linden and Holder do make a great team. Our favorite moments are of them together, but the end of this episodes lead them in separate directions. Assuming the show gets a third season, just how fast will these guys get back together?

The Better: Rosie (Katie Findlay) is quite compelling as a live character, it's a shame she was killed off in the first episode. In that "on the nose" video to her parents, Rosie is absolutely enthralling so we can't help but mourn the fact that this main character was missing for most of the show. Although we don't condone relying on flashbacks, it was those flashbacks that were the most interesting thing about this finale. 

The Unsurprising: Oh politics. It's pretty gross that after all the shady things we know about the Chief and Ames that they aren't actually killers so can't be charged. Also, we wished The Killing bosses would have made Jamie slightly less despicable as he went out. All sorts of "I did it for you" excuses make a complex character very one note. 

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"I was only thinking of you." —Jaime

"Your weakness put you in that wheelchair!" —Jaime

"And you, stop feeding that dog potato chips or I'm going to put you in one of those boxes with him for a week." —Stan

"I wanted to get him." —Linden
"We got him." —Holder

"Don't be mad at me." —Terry

"I'm out. You should quit. Save me some bank." —Holder

Did you predict Rosie's killer way back in season one? Ready for a new case? Calling shenanigans on The Killing? Sound off in the comments?

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