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Well, that sucks.

Law enforcement tells E! News that while cruising in his custom white ride (that looks similar to a DeLorean) in Hollywood yesterday, will.i.am got pulled over.

So, then what happened?

The Black Eyed Peas member wasn't prepared for a run-in with the cops.

He failed to provide proper paperwork for the vehicle, and it turned out that the car was not registered, nor did it have a VIN number, or plates. Yikes!

Law enforcement sources say that will.i.am told the officers that the car was custom-made, and he was aware that the car should not be on the road but wanted to drive it, which, with a car like that, is understandable.

Ultimately, the musician was issued a citation and the car was impounded (where it remains). The source adds that detectives researched the parts and discovered they have not been registered for 10 years.

Sad day in the cool-car world.

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