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Dear Ted:
Zac Efron was in a five-year relationship with Vanessa Hudgens and now he has had another "big breakup" from Lily Collins. Do you expect him to get into another relationship fairly soon or just play the field?

Dear Zac Attack:
Puh-lease, Gem. Lily and Zac hardly had a big breakup. For one, they were never really dating in the first place (at least, that's what sources close to the couple insist). Zac is and has been loving the single-dude thing, and I don't see him changing up his ways anytime soon—and, for the record, it has nothing to do with past heartbreak.

Dear Ted:
Help, Ted, my head is spinning! I love me some George Clooney photos, but it is like he is speed-dating his summer in Italy. All within a few days we have had a boat ride, Stacy Keibler shopping with friends, dinner out and now already motorcycle ride pictures. What is the hurry this summer?

Dear When in Rome:
Who has time to stop and smell the roses these days?! Summer vacay is all about living life in the fast lane when you're in the Hollywood elite. And, Stacy being the smart gal she is, knows she needs to score all the Lake Como sightseeing while she can.

Dear Ted:
Everyone keeps trying to guess who will play Finnick in Catching Fire, but what about Johanna? And possibly seeing an appearance of Annie? I would love to see Naya Rivera as Johanna and Sophia Bush as Annie...what do you think?

Dear Ladies' Choice:
Hmm. I think Sophia is a divine choice for Ms. Annie. She totally can do that sweet and tortured thing. That said, I'm still totally into the idea of Felicity Jones making her franchise debut in the next Hunger Games flick. As for Naya, she could certainly do Johanna's toughness justice, but I think the casting peeps will be looking for someone a bit more seasoned on the big screen. 

Dear Ted:
Any update on the Valley of the Dolls TV show? I am hoping I can add it to my DVR list when fall rolls around!

Dear Season Passless:
Unfortunately it seems that par-tick project never quite made it to our boob tubes (and it definitely won't be coming to a TV screen near you this fall). Damn shame, too, because it sounded like it had so much potential. And now that Lindsay Lohan is back on the job market, it would have been parfait timing.

Dear Ted:
Has Portia Vajazzle given up on men of power for an old costar who's popular and wealthy?
—oldies but goodies 

Dear Little of A, Little of B:
Not quite. And Portia is hardly one to tie herself down. That said, why can't she have someone who's powerful, popular and rich?! That's all P.V. is looking for, after all.

Dear Ted:
It seems like Fifty Shades of Grey is ending Twilight's reign. Do you think Fifty Shades will be even bigger than Twilight?

Dear Bye Bye Bella:
Do I think the raunchy saga will try? Hell yes! Do I think it will succeed in outperforming our fave glittering vamps? Methinks not a chance.

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