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Miley Cyrus may literally have a big old sparkler on her left hand, but the rest of her pre-wedding style appears to be up for grabs.

Like, say, this Reformation skirt, which the soon-to-be Mrs. Liam Hemsworth first debuted on June 6. As clothes go, it's not all that slutty compared with the hot pants or all-out lack of pants that Miley seems to prefer lately—but some mysteries even we can't explain.

The skirt must've looked tempting to at least one other star, because a certain tribute from District 12 apparently snuck into the Cornucopia and stole it this week...

We're talking about Jennifer Lawrence, natch, who wore the same striped garment with thigh-high slit in a different hue for a trip to a nail salon in Santa Monica. The Hunger Games star chose to pair her version with a flowy charcoal top, while the former Hannah Montana opted to flash more skin, of course.

So who wore it best? You tell us!

The Fashion Police June 15 Poll
Which young A-lister worked this Reformation skirt best?!
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