Giuliana Rancic interviewed the most golden celeb of all today.

The E! News host was tapped to talk to Betty White about her illustrious and still jam-packed career this morning during the PromaxBDA conference, where the Hot in Cleveland scene-stealer was receiving a lifetime achievement award.

Rancic wasn't hurting for subject matter, considering White's career has spanned more than 60 years, but first she wanted to know what it was like to be the target of a Friars Club Roast, as White was in May.

"It's nerve-racking," the Emmy winner said of the roastee experience. "They all warned me it gets pretty raunchy and rought."

And, in the end, White was really "pissed off"—but not for any obvious reason.

"They had been so kind to me, they didn't give me anything to rebut!" she lamented. "They went real easy on me."

But White was grateful for the experience, as she has been for every opportunity that has come her way, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to The Golden Girls to Hot in Cleveland.

"Who would ever dream that things would be this wonderful?" she wondered happily.

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