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Dear Ted:
I am going to ask a question that gets you a lot of hate: I love, love, love Lea Michele—I actually think she seems sweet—but she really seems socially awkward and I think that gets misinterpreted negatively. Why have none of her friends (or Cory Monteith!) helped her with this?! It seems obvious this will stop her ever getting ahead in the showbiz world? Thanks…and be ready for hate if you actually post this!

Dear Glee-ful Intervention:
Oh I know the haters will come out in droves if they hear anything controversial about their fave Gleeks. So let me preface this by saying that I, like you, Janey, love Lea. And unlike you, I think that her future in Hollywood will be just fine—she's too dang talented not to be a bigger star than she already is. That said: I think there already has been some behind-the-scenes chitchats. Hey, babe is eons ahead of her formerly snitty public persona.

Dear Ted,
Love the idea of Ryan Kwanten for Finnick Odair, but isn't he a little too old? And on to Vices, does Sammy Sniffles know Queen Djibouti? And is Billy Bend-Over delicious Mad Men star Jon Hamm?

Dear Just a Number:
Ryan is only a few years older than Mr. Kitsch (who was a casting fave before he nixed it). Jennifer Lawrence is casted older than her character and that worked out fab; I think Mr. Kwanten's abs and acting chops could make us suspend our disbelief. As for your Vice Q's, no and no. Though Billy and Jon do have similarly handsome features.

Dear Ted:
How about Joseph Gordon-Levitt for our dear Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Dear 500 Days of Fifty Shades:
That could be very interesting to see the charming Mr. JG-L go seriously bad. But do you think it would ever in a million years happen? I think not.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Lucy Hale would make a good Anastasia. Is that because she has engaged in some scandalous behavior of her own lately? What about her Pretty Little Liars costars, are any of the other girls worthy of a role in Fifty Shades?

Dear Hardly!
Lucy has that whole innocent thing down perfectly, but I suspect there might be a little bit of sexiness she can tap into beneath it. But so far she's practically scandal-free…maybe she's just waiting to nab a huge franchise to unleash her bad-girl side?!

Dear Ted:
I hear you on being bummed that Taylor Kitsch is out for the role of Finnick. I do have good news though! If my little fur baby Humphrey gets along with a puppy we're meeting at the Humane Society tonight, I'll be adding to my brood! Anyway, back to Taylor. Has he any connection to Veronica Bee-Stings? Thanks Ted!

Dear Three Cheers for Humphrey!
Hope the puppy playdate goes amazingly, Nic! If you end up bringing the cutie home, make sure to send me some pics! As for Taylor, he does indeed have a connection to Ms. Bee-Stings. What do you think it is though? Romance? Costars?

Dear Ted:
Continue to love you and your column. My two pooches and I have a question about the über-yummy Taylor Kitsch. What do you think about his two latest and expensive movie flops? I, like many others, absolutely loved him as Tim Riggins and thought he was solid as John Carter (I enjoyed the movie, BTW). But his latest movie choices didn't garner him critical acclaim acting-wise and the movies were shredded to pieces by the critics. Oliver Stone is hit and miss, but I do think that Savages looks potentially great. So what say you, is it acting or is it more of his movie choices?

Dear Saved by Savages:
Honestly, I liked John Carter too, Iris, and think there are a gajillion reasons why it failed—but I don't think Taylor should be blamed. He was good. And I think even with the string of bombs he's had lately, he'll be able to bounce back. Though, to be doubly honest, I'm not putting all my eggs in Savages' basket.

Dear Ted:
Is Lindsay Lohan really dumb or is the press out to get her? Who has that much drama in their lives?! It's ridiculous!

Dear Livin' La Vida Lohan:
I plead the fifth! But who has this much drama? Linds, duh!

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