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Hey, a gal's gotta work, right?!

Lindsay Lohan raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced that her next movie—after her stint channeling Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime—would be playing opposite a porn star in a contemporary thriller called The Canyons.

But while people may question her choice in roles, the producer of the film, Braxton Pope, says she is perfect for the part. Others, though, aren't so sure. And they've got their eyes on Liz to seal the deal…

"Paul [Schrader] and I met with Lindsay at the Chateau, and she told us she was interested in the lead," Braxton explains about how the casting came to be. "We definitely wanted her for the role. We met again and did some tests, and it was great."

The role in question is Tara, who has been described as having "sold her pride for the material comforts," and knowing the writer behind the work (Bret Easton Ellis), the movie is sure to be sexy, dark and very controversial.

But as for whether LiLo's own controversy—including that current post-car accident hoopla—has fazed the production team?

Braxton continues, "Lindsay is incredibly charismatic in person, but unfortunately she is someone whose publicity can overwhelm the most essential fact that she's enormously talented. There's no question that we all want her in this role and we all want her to succeed."

We love the optimism! After all, Linds' current project—Liz & Dick—has been earning her praise, right?!

And she better hope it continues, because sources in the know about Lindsay's future with The Canyons say it's totally dependent on how her current gig plays out.

"They were very clear with Lindsay that there is concern about her ability to be disciplined enough to get through production," our source informs us. "They spent an hour with her and they set conditions, telling her that they need to hear from the producers of Liz & Dick that she's showing up on time and things like that."

That's not asking too much, is it?! In any other job it'd simply be called a reference.

"I'm told it was slightly awkward," our source continues. "She was very defensive and had an excuse for everything brought up. But they were very clear with her about their terms…They have a limited budget and can't afford to have production stalled because she's late or has to be replaced. Shooting will start July 9 whether she is part of the movie or not."

So how is Lindsay's status on the set of Liz & Dick?

"It's fluid," our source laughs. "They're still getting more information."

Hey, as long as she avoids any new legal snafus, any more wardrobe malfunctions or any on-set gossiping (Glee, anyone?!), it should be fine.

And we're rooting for ya, L.L., because we think this kind of controversial stuff is parfait for a controversial babe like yourself.

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