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Death is coming to Bon Temps, y'all!

Yes, True Blood, which is known to have trouble killing off its series regulars (Oh hey, vampire Tara!), may finally be taking the plunge and getting rid of one of their beloved characters. So who is it? (Hint: Fans of washboard abs will not be pleased!) Plus, are Glee's Finn and Rachel heading to splitsville now that she's moving to New York? We chatted with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith about Finchel's future!

Plus, we've got scoop on a certain fan favorite stirring up trouble on Pretty Little Liars, Breaking Bad's finale and a new character coming to Up All Night! What are you waiting for, an invitation? Scoop yo'self!

FinchelFan: I need an update on my favorite Glee couple! What's going to happen to Finchel in season four?
We wish we could tell you it will be all puppies, rainbows and duets between Finn and Rachel in the new season, but alas, we cannot. "It's going to be interesting to see what happens. I know that there are many Finchel fans out there and obviously I love working with Cory," Lea Michele tells us. "I selfishly want them to work it out." So what does Cory want to see? "Whatever challenges the actors the most," he says. Well, we think having Finn and Rachel split up would definitely be a challenge for real-life couple Cory and Lea!

Frankie: I absolutely loved the True Blood premiere! Any scoop on what's coming up in Bon Temps?
Jason Stackhouse fans, prepare yourselves for some pretty bad news courtesy of True Blood stud Ryan Kwanten. "Jason's going to be lucky to survive. In fact, he may not survive this season," he teases. "It's been a rather brutal season for Jason." True Blood without Jason? We shudder at the thought!

PLL_ismyship: Some PLL scoop please?
The Liars are hittin' the slums! The ABC Family hit is currently looking for a slumlord to turn a blind eye to his new tenants' possibly questionable activities. The title of the episode he appears in? "The Kahn Game"! Hmmm…what could Noel be up to?

Raza Jaffrey, Jaime Cepero, SMASH

Patrick Randak/NBC

Diana: So excited that Smash dropped the dead weight, aka Ellis and Dev! Do you have any information on season two that you care to share?
While most viewers were delighted to see Ellis and Dev kicked to the curb, one of their costars is sad to see the duo exit (stage left). "The fact that they aren't going to be back is a disappointment to me," Christian Borle, who won a Tony Award this weekend for his work in Peter and the Starcatcher, tells us. Still, he is excited about getting back to work (or is it tech?) on the NBC hit. "I'm excited to see where it will go, whether [Tom and Julia] write another musical."

BobKat: You got anything on Breaking Bad?
¡Si! After four seasons dominated by menacing Mexican drug lords (see: Tuco, the Santa Muerte cousins, Don Eladio), we'll meet a couple of white gangsters in this summer's finale: Curtis and Geoff, who will be back when Bad returns for its final eight episodes next year. We'll let you guess whether they will be allies or enemies of Walter White.

Beth: Any scoop on my favorite comedy Up All Night?
New series regular alert! The NBC hit comedy will be adding a new face in season two: Reagan's younger brother Sam, who is a single father. While Reagan and Sam tend to clash a bit (he's very laid-back), Chris totally loves his cool brother-in-law.

Phoebe Tonkin, Secret Circle

Mathieu Young/The CW

Ted: Is there any chance The Secret Circle could come back? Can't believe The CW canceled it!
Sorry, but there's no chance of The Secret Circle coming back. Here, take a look at the season-one gag reel to help lift your spirits. However, we know that if the show did come back, the seaso- two big bad would have been the new Balcoin in town (not all four of those mysterious strangers were Balcoins, by the way!) who Faye would've taken an interest in. Le sigh.

Tatum: Love Dave and Alex on Happy Endings. Any hope for them next season?
We asked creator David Caspe which couple he prefers: Dave and Alex or Dave and Penny, and here's what he had to say. "I don't like anyone involved with the show. Across the board…not a fan," he says. He's kidding, folks. And he isn't quite sure which couple he'd rather explore; he just wants it to be natural. "I'm more interested from a story standpoint probably letting it go in the organic direction it goes." Meanwhile, Zachary Knighton has other plans for Dave. "I'm going to pitch that Dave wants to become a cop, but he fails the psychological exam so then he becomes a vigilante superhero on the streets of Chicago," Knighton tells us. Best. Idea. Ever. 

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Marc Malkin

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