True Blood, Season 5

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Winter is gone and summer just got a lot hotter with the return of True Blood. We admit we almost forgot what it was like to be in the supernatural-filled bayou of Bon Temps. It's crazytown.

Between cleaning up the bloodbath of last season and introducing all new complications for Sookie (Anna Paquin) & Co. there's a lot of down-home drama. And this roller coaster is just beginning.

Want scoop on the upcoming True Blood episode? Get it now: 

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Amen Authority: We will meet all the members of surprisingly religious-leaning Authority, finally. And while not initially the most menacing—besides that whole shootout thing—their methods of extracting information should be quite persuasive. Think you are most looking forward to seeing Chris Meloni as a vampire? Well, actually our favorite Authority member is played by Christopher Heyerdahl. You might recognize him as The Swede from AMC's Hell on Wheels. He scares us in all the best ways.

Wolf Pup: So werewolves don't start out as snarling biker gang members. They have seedy childhoods, get tattoos and, of course, all start out as cute little pups. Next episode we will meet the most adorable of tiny werewolves. Seriously cute and possibly a huge complication when it comes to keeping her away from an unwanted pack.

Tara's Transition: Seriously, who had the bright idea to turn Tara (Rutina Wesley) into a vampire? She was either punching people or crying as a human. Frankly, she should have never been given the opportunity to become a bipolar vamp, but here we are. Sookie and Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will have their hands full getting her on the vampire lithium, assuming Tara doesn't kill one or both of them first.

Bonus Scoop: Ever wonder how Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten) started their partnership? We'll get to flashback to Pam's life pre-vamp in 1905 San Francisco. And Eric wears a top hat. Let's just put that out there. 

Excited for the next installment of True Blood? Are you happy this fang-tastic drama is back? Can't wait to see the Pam-Eric origin story? Head to the comments!

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