John Mayer, Taylor Swift

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Dear Ted:
Taylor Swift. It seems that perhaps the tides are turning on her for writing style—case in point, John Mayer. I have no sympathy for her; it was obvious to everyone but her that the man is a player. Did she think she would be the exception? Does she really think she's untouchable and that perhaps she'd never be taken to task for doing much the same as Mayer, making public private matters that should have stayed private? I don't feel what Mayer did was right either (sexual napalm comments), but maybe Swift needs to grow up a bit herself. Hopefully Mayer learned his lesson, but will Taylor? Revenge only hurts the person who is seeking it.

Dear Taylor 'Tude:
Do a sense a little anger towards the goody-two-shoes country crooner? Here's the deal: This twosome was totally doomed from the start. Tay-Tay likes to play dress-up, while Mr. Mayer is more into that, er, sexual napalm schtick—it just was not going to work. So Mayer can mouth off all he wants, but we all know Taylor writes songs about her life. Perhaps Mayer should pen a follow-up to Tay-Tay's hit "Mean" to make himself feel better?

Dear Ted:
So I love Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I think most of us assume which Vice is Miley's, but I'm wondering about Liam, does he have a Vice? Please tell me he's not "bearding" or anything. I'm not sure if they'll ever get married but I am rooting for them! I like them together.

Dear Can't Be Tamed:
Considering the marriage odds are not in this couple's favor, you'll be muy happy to hear Mr. Hemsworth is very Vice free. Miley, not so much, but it's one of the reasons why this twosome works. For now. Remember, they have a lifetime ahead of them.

Dear Ted:
Another guess for Sammie Sniffles, could it be Anne Hathaway in Batman? You said Sammie appeared in, but you technically didn't say the movie was released yet. If it isn't Anne, could you clarify if it's premiered or not?!

Dear Batman Blind:
Not going to address your par-tick premiere question since I already said S.S. is in a franchise. But, I will say it's not Anne Hathaway. Anne's been an A-lister in the Biz for far too long to fit Sammie's description.

Dear Ted:  
I'm a happily married straight woman, but my female crush is most definitely Mila Kunis! She's gorgeous and seems pretty down-to-earth, friendly, easy-going, etc. Is she as normal as I'm painting her out to be or a diva in disguise? Also, any Vicey behavior on her part? If so, is it PG or jaw-dropping entertainment?

Dear Diva or Down to Earth?:
Mila's a sweet girl, but she definitely has some Vicey skeletons hiding in her H'wood closet. And since I just said she's a friendly gal, you can rule out all those vanilla bitchy-babe Vices. Still crushin'?

Dear Ted:
I admit to being stunned by the similarity and terrific film noire-esque shot of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Well done, Lindsay!

Dear Agreed:
I'm impressed as well and excited L.L.'s pulling off the look. But as many of you readers have pointed out, makeup and hair can do wonders. We'll still have to wait and see how LiLo fairs on the boob tube.

Dear Ted:
My pup Cupcake and I love you, but you're killing us! You got us to read all The Hunger Games books, now we're dying to know who is going to play Finnick and Johanna in the sequel. Then you got us to read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which made us really hot. And we're dying to know who will play Christian and Ana in the movie. Can you tell us if any well-known actors, other than Ian Somerholder, are actively pursuing the top spots in Fifty Shades? Has Alexander Skarsgard expressed any interest at all? Please, Ted, Cupcake and I have got to know.
Cupcake and Liz

Dear Fighting for Fifty:
Well Liz, you and Cupcake are in luck! Not only has the sexy A.Skars (our top choice) expressed interest in playing Christian, but Chris Pine is also gunning for the role. As for the ladies? Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale most recently said playing Ana would be "freaking awesome" and her PPL costar Ashley Benson is also game for the rauncy role. Who's your favorite, L?

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