Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield


Dear Ted:
While I think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are adorbs, I can't help but give a side-eye at their relationship. Are they for real, PR, or real with a splash of PR? Apparently, The Amazing Spider-Man is tracking really badly. Some of the photos, to be frank, look kind of staged too...I'm specifically talking about the ones of them hiking and walking together with their hands linked. I just have a hard time believing that paps get so lucky that they spot them on the street multiple times. Much love from my rescue cat, Warhol, and me.

Dear PR Plug:
Hey, just because this duo is one of the cutest couples ever doesn't mean they are all for PR. Sure, those über-adorable pics don't hurt to draw a little attention to the flick, but I don't see Starfield calling it quits after The Amazing Spider-Man hits theaters. Besides, the duo does have a few more installments to get through—can't wait to see what kind of Spider-Man kiss these two share!

Dear Ted: 
Please tell me that Michael Fassbender is not Sammie Sniffles! I have had a crush on him for the longest, and if he does drugs, I'll be devastated!

Dear Shameful Sniffles:
Rest assured, L, Fassie is not the elusive Sammie Sniffles. Actually, the two have very little in common. Next guess, please?

Dear Ted:
I actually thought that pic of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor was stunning! With what appears to be a great makeup team, I think it will be visually perfect!

Dear Agreed:
The costumes and makeup are stunning from what we've seen thus far. Now we're just waiting to see if Lindsay will deliver. We're rooting for her comeback, but what say you, S?

Dear Ted: 
Not enough Matt Bomer info out there! There must be something you can share with us, right? Or is the guy really just that perfect? (I kinda hope he is.)

Dear Real Life Ken:
Trust, S, our baby-blue eyed Bomer is really as good as he seems. Well, besides those sexy dance moves in Magic Mike, but we don't see anything wrong with that. How excited are you to see the real-life Ken doll shake it on the big screen? We. Can't. Wait. 

Dear Ted:
What has Parrish Maguire been up to? Will he get a beard before his next movie release? All of his beards have not exactly gone well for him, huh? Any chance of him coming out?

Dear Not Going to Happen:
Coming out? Not anytime soon, babe. I would bank on a new beard in the mix—Parrish's people will make sure of it. 

Dear Ted: 
Please tell me Harriet Talons isn't Amy Brenneman. Brenneman seems like such a smart, funny, and cool woman, and I really hope she's not Harriet. But your recent reply about the Kate Walsh guess has me wondering. My rescue bunny and I say thanks. :)

Dear Private B.V.:
You're in luck, O, Amy Brenneman is not Harriet Talons. Keep the guesses coming, though. You're getting warmer.  

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