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What do you get when Charlie Brown makes a baby with Margherita Missoni after a night of whip-Its and Jell-O shots? This.

And yet Beyoncé wore this shirt anyway.

The top actually is not a Missoni—after all, it's not a knit, so there—but rather the creation of a label called Carven.

It is also chiffon and very confused about what color it should be...

Then again, if you're going to wear a shirt like this you may as well go balls to the wall. And that's what Sasha Fierce did during a recent Paris outing with husband Jay-Z and new baby Blue Ivy Carter.

Mrs. Carter paired her disco shirt with a pair of equally loud jodhpur-style pants and wavy, borderline Quiet Riot hair. The result: an ensemble visible from the International Space Station.

For the record, and we mean this seriously, we do like the pants. If they were on some other outfit that we can't quite imagine at the moment.

As for baby Blue, we hear she said her first words the other day: "My eyes! They burn!"

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