MTV Movie Awards Show, Russell Brand

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
Please do tell, just how Vicey were the MTV movie awards?! Were there a lot of BV stars out for the night?

Dear Golden Vice:
You're in luck, C. If Blind Vice superstars are what your heart desires, then the MTV movie awards must be one of your fave awards shows! There was Vicetastic Russell Brand hosting the show, and the gorgeous (and ever Vicey) Elizabeth Banks sizzling up the stage with the men of Magic Mike. Oh, and how could we forget Miss Kristen Stewart, whose Vicey behavior's been going on since year one of that Best Kiss award. And then there were definitely a few less famous Vicers who took home a golden popcorn last night as well. The final verdict? A deliciously Vicey show indeed.

Dear Ted:  
Can you tell me: Did our mysterious Chuck Finger-Dingle go to the MTV Movie Awards? I'm pretty sure she was there and accepted an award, am I wrong?

Dear Guess Again:
Sorry, G, but you've got the wrong Chuck in mind. CFD did not accept an award, much to the dismay of some eager fans. And that's all I'm sayin'.

Dear Ted:
How long has Sammy Sniffles been around Hollywood? Also I don't know what to think about Reese Witherspoon. She just seems kind of fake to me, like she always want to seem so perfect. What's her deal? Does have a Vice or make a cameo in a juicy one? I bet she has some role in Vicey behavior.

Dear The Search for Sniffles:
Sniffles has been in H'Wood longer than you may think, but it's more recently that S.S. has shot to stardom. As for Reese? Babe's a Blind Vice superstar. We love the seemingly sweet-as-pie gal, but let's just say Reese definitely has some Vicey skeletons hidden in her picture-perfect closet.

Dear Ted:
Does Debbie Doobie have a close connection to Wilby Whiskers?

Dear Hardly:
I wouldn't say close, but they probably have a few mutual connections. But don't expect the duo to start getting in on the same Vicey biz, if that's what you're asking.

Dear Ted:  
I'm gonna make this real quick: Is Andrew Garfield the cokehead Sammy Sniffles?

Dear Keep Brainstorming…:
No, but Andrew's not a bad guess. Besides, dude could never date Vice-free Emma Stone if he had such an affinity for nose candy. Thank gawd, right? We're totally Starfield obsessed.

Dear Ted:
Kate Walsh has to be Harriet Talons! Tell me I'm right, Ted!

Dear Talons in Private:
With all the latest Private Practice drama, it does seem like a rather good fit. But no, Harriet Talons is not Kate Walsh. Not a bad guess though at all—you're on the right track.

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