Behind the Camera at BC Fashion Week

Behind the scenes look at BC Fashion Week with Vancouver photographer, Kris Krug.

By Rebecca Bollwitt Sep 29, 2008 11:55 PMTags
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Having recently returned from Beijing where he captured the height of human competition and camaraderie at the Summer Games, Kris Krug, one of Vancouver's most prominent photographers, dove right into his fourth BC Fashion Week. Basking in the limelight next to the VIFF, this semi-annual and very international event took over the city recently with upcoming designers, icons, and celebrities pouring through the streets, clubs and vacant warehouse runways.

As the house photographer for the last few shows, Krug coordinated photographic media, providing images to regional publications and media outlets. "BC Fashion Week is a community celebration," he noted. "A good time to pull your head out of whatever project has been consuming you and gather together with others in the industry to see new things, make connections, and have fun."

Being able to see the city through a different lens than the rest of us on a daily basis, Krug has his many thoughts on the effectiveness of BCFW, "I think it's an essential part of developing an 'identity' as a fashion scene in Vancouver." Being that this is also the home of Project Runway Canada's first winner Evan Biddell means that the city and province are doing something right in the fashion realm. "Events like these are a great way to stay connected to friends in the industry and meet the new up-and-coming photographers, models, stylists, makeup-artists etc. They're all a part of what makes this industry thrive and function."

Looking ahead, Krug said the best thing for this "young fashion mecca" would be to unite BC Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week. "The byproduct of one large cooperative fashion week would be that major corporate sponsors would come to the table like they have in all other major cities. Think L'Oreal Fashion Week (Toronto) or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (NYC)."  He also noted optimistically that, "this would allow us to spring out of the adolescence we've been stuck in and coalesce behind a unified identity - I assure you the tent is big enough for all of us."

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