Monday night's Dancing With The Stars was on fire!

With the finale less than a month away, there's no room for low scores and heavy criticism. The final seven gave it their all, but not everyone got a glowing review. 

So who did the judges make mad, spiraling them into an angry rant, and what dancing duo was celebrating a season first? We got the stars to spill after the show!

There's no doubt Derek Hough and Maria Menounos owned the night. Grabbing the season's first perfect score of 30 with a sizzling paso doble, they had major bragging rights. When we caught up with the unstoppable two, they were still on cloud nine!

"It's really crazy, it hasn't even sunk in yet!" Derek told us. "It was just a really, really great night. First perfect score!"

"I think I might bawl my brains out after this," Maria added. "The rumba was one of my favorite dances because I felt like I was in a movie!"

 So what was the secret to their massive success? Derek said it's all in the method to his madness. 

"I break 'em down," Derek joked. "To find this sort of inner demon. I think what it is, I never tell [Maria], 'I think you could get a ten with this dance,' but inside I was telling her that. I think that pressure on myself to wanting to make her good and pushing her [makes it happen]. With all my previous partners, all the weeks I've gotten really hard on my partners and they kinda hated me is weeks when we've done really well." 

However, not everyone was riding high at the end of the night. Jaleel White and Kym Johnson told us they felt slighted by the judges and dished about their disappointment. 

"It's a mixed sort of feeling," Kym said. "Because we won the team tango, but didn't do as well on our individual dance. So our scores are not great, we're second to last. We've taken a massive drop." 

Whatever the score, Jaleel says he's dancing for the fans no matter what the judges acknowledge…or not. 

"Ultimately that's what I do it for, that's why I was so pumped up for the team dance, which we won by the way," Jaleel said.  Growing increasingly annoyed, he continued, "We didn't get any accolade for that. They just started playing the music like we were at the Oscars and they wanted to get us off the stage! I'm like, 'Hold on, hold on, we've been working on this team dance for a week! We don't get a hooray at the end or something?'"

Uh oh! Looks like the judges better watch out!

Tomorrow is another elimination; who do you think will be going home? Do you think Jaleel had a right to be mad? Sound off in the comments! 

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