Five Year Engagement, Think Like a Man

Screen Gems; Glen Wilson/Universal Studios

There are some things we expect: When Jason Segel is in a movie these days, we assume we'll see him at least partially naked (surprised when we didn't see some skin during The Muppets).

But there are things we don't see coming: Like Jason's latest flick with Judd Apatow (who produced it, as he did with hits like Bridesmaids and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) bombing at the box office.

And since the equally rom-comy, but much more diverse Think Like a Man continues to dominate in theaters (even knocking The Hunger Games from No. 1), we have to wonder: Is everyone sick of #whitepeopleproblems?

The Five-Year Engagement seemed to have everything: A likeable leading man with an impressive box office history, the delightful Emily Blunt (how is this woman not the next Julia Roberts?!) and enough jokes in the trailer to lure in the usual audiences.

And yet, it didn't.

Jason and Emily's onscreen characters biggest problem is that they had to delay their wedding. They had jobs, they were both reasonably healthy, they even found love.

They just couldn't find time to throw their big, luxurious wedding.

Meanwhile, Think Like a Man is scoring mixed reviews but racking in the cash at the box office. Clearly it has something about it more appealing than watching Emily Blunt get shot in the leg with a crossbow and Jason Segel do his trademarked rom-com man child routine.

So you tell us: Are #whitepeopleproblems a thing of the past? Or is the latest box office shakeup just a simple case of Five-Year Engagement being bad and Think Like a Man just being better?

Box Office Flops and Other #WhitePeopleProblems
Are #whitepeopleproblems old news?
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